Waterproof Coats

Waterproof coats are used to prevent the penetration of water or damp in walls, floors and more, so these structures remain relatively unaffected by water over time. They are perfect for rooms that battle a great deal of moisture like basements or bathrooms, and for external coating on concrete and bricks. For effective and economic watertight solutions, pick from our range of popular products.

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  1. KA Tanking Slurry 25Kg
    £25.14 Inc VAT
    £1.01 Per KG
  2. Thompson's Water Seal 5L
    £17.99 Inc VAT
    £3.60 Per L
  3. RIW Liquid Asphalt Composition 5L
    £71.34 Inc VAT
    £14.27 Per L
  4. Mapei Mapelastic AquaDefence Tanking Kit
    £66.37 Inc VAT
  5. RIW Liquid Asphalt Composition 25L
    £274.66 Inc VAT
    £10.99 Per L
  6. Ardex WPC Waterproof Protection System 10kg
    £77.71 Inc VAT
    £7.78 Per KG
  7. Mapei Shower Waterproofing Kit 5Kg
    £60.56 Inc VAT
    £12.11 Per KG
  8. Hydro Waterproofing Kit
    £70.26 Inc VAT
  9. Homelux Waterproof 5m² Wall Matting
    £53.70 Inc VAT
    £10.74 Per M²
  10. Mapei Mapelastic Smart 2 Part Waterproofer 30Kg
    £149.48 Inc VAT
    £7.48 Per KG
  11. 1000mm x 25m Bituthene GP Self Adhesive Membrane
    £251.57 Inc VAT
    £10.07 Per M²
  12. 1000mm x 50m Mapei Mapenet 150 Glass Fibre Mesh
    £163.33 Inc VAT
    £3.26 Per M²
  13. 1000mm x 25m Building Paper A1F
    £63.00 Inc VAT
    £2.52 Per M²
  14. Thompson's Patio & Block Paving Seal 5L
    £38.81 Inc VAT
    £7.76 Per L
  15. Waterproof 10m Joint Tape
    £33.00 Inc VAT
    £3.30 Per M
  16. Bituthene Primer B1 5L
    £55.66 Inc VAT
    £11.14 Per L
  17. IKOpro Synthaprufe Original 25L
    £148.09 Inc VAT
    £5.93 Per L
  18. Dryzone Applicator Gun 600ml
    £52.38 Inc VAT
  19. Mapei Mapelastic Aquadefense Liquid Rubber Waterproofer 15Kg
    £110.42 Inc VAT
    £7.36 Per KG
  20. Mapei Mapegum WPS Liquid Membrane
    £47.00 - £89.94 Inc VAT
    2 Variations Available
  21. Dryzone Rising Damp Cream 600ml
    £21.12 Inc VAT
    £35.20 Per L

32 Items Found Filter By

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