Bricklaying Tools

Bricklaying tools are used to complete masonry work. From brick trowels that help shape and spread concrete, to brick jointers that help to improve the appearance and water resistance of mortar, we have the best bricklaying tools for your project. Our products are available in a range of different shapes and sizes so you can find the right tool for the job. Shop our range today to find great products at affordable prices.

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  1. OX Pro 7'' Stainless Steel Bucket Trowel
    £14.09 Inc VAT
  2. Draper Poly Brick Lines 18m 86062
    £1.31 Inc VAT
  3. OX Gauging Trowel With Wooden Handle 7''
    £4.07 Inc VAT
  4. Rubi 180mm Brick Trowel
    £16.19 Inc VAT
  5. OX 7'' Gauging Trowel With Duragrip Handle
    £15.62 Inc VAT
  6. OX Pro 6¾'' x ¼'' Tuck Pointer
    £9.10 Inc VAT
  7. OX Pro 6¾'' x 1'' Tuck Pointer
    £10.02 Inc VAT
  8. OX Pro Tuck Pointer 6¾'' x ¾''
    £10.04 Inc VAT
  9. OX Tuck Pointer 6¾'' x ⅜''
    £9.17 Inc VAT
  10. OX Tuck Pointer 6¾'' x ½''
    £9.16 Inc VAT
  11. Marshalltown Line Blocks Pair M/T86P
    £6.25 Inc VAT
  12. Draper 30m x 2.5mm Ranging Line 27894
    £3.55 Inc VAT
  13. OX Brick Jointer 3/8'' X 1/2''
    £6.37 Inc VAT

36 Items Found Filter By

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