Cements & Lime

Our range of cement and lime is

Our range of cement and lime is sourced from only the best suppliers at Builder Depot. These include popular brands like Breedon general purpose cement and Jetcem waterproofing cement, all of which are more than suitable for landscaping, driveways, or building projects and any repair or maintenance jobs. In addition, we offer white Portland and fire-resistant cement so whatever your cement needs, you needn't look any further.

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  1. 0.9Kg Fibrin 660F Fibrillated Polypropylene Fibre
    £7.14 Inc VAT
    £7.93 Per KG
  2. Bostik Cementone Fire Cement 2kg
    £5.53 Inc VAT
    £2.77 Per KG
  3. K Rend K Post Rapid Set Post Mix 20Kg
    £5.80 Inc VAT
    £0.29 Per KG
  4. K Rend K Mix GP Mortar 25Kg
    £6.95 Inc VAT
    £0.28 Per KG
  5. Breedon C40 High Strength Concrete 20Kg
    £9.54 Inc VAT
  6. Breedon Hydrated Lime 25Kg
    £14.58 Inc VAT
  7. Breedon Sulfate Resisting Cement 25Kg
    £8.64 Inc VAT
  8. Breedon Fast Set Cement 25Kg
    £16.19 Inc VAT
  9. Breedon Professional Grade Cement 25Kg
    £7.14 Inc VAT
  10. Breedon General Purpose Cement 25Kg
    £5.27 Inc VAT
  11. Breedon Rapid Set Post Fix 20Kg
    £7.44 Inc VAT
    Temporarily Unavailable
  12. Breedon White Portland Cement 25Kg
    £14.52 Inc VAT
    Out of stock
  13. Breedon High Strength Cement 25Kg
    £10.50 Inc VAT
    Temporarily Unavailable

18 Items Found Filter By

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