Handsaws & Cutting Tools

We have a vast range of handsaws

We have a vast range of handsaws and cutting tools that are manufactured with high quality materials to ensure they give maximum performance and durability. With a range including saws, knives, shears and blades all from leading brands such as Stanley and Irwin, you can be sure to find the the items you need a competitive trade prices.

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  1. Irwin Jack 880 Universal Panel Saw 20''
    £5.99 Inc VAT
  2. Stanley Trim Knife Grey 199E
    £4.36 Inc VAT
  3. Irwin Jack 12'' Tenon Saw
    £13.86 Inc VAT
  4. OX Pro Fixed Blade Folding Knife
    £11.82 Inc VAT
  5. Stanley Fatmax Retractable Folding Knife
    £13.48 Inc VAT
  6. Stanley Throwaway Knives
    £4.01 Inc VAT
  7. Stanley Fatmax Retractable Utility Knife
    £15.04 Inc VAT
  8. Stanley Enclosed Grip Hacksaw
    £11.96 Inc VAT
  9. Stanley Quickslide Utility Pocket Knife
    £10.70 Inc VAT
  10. Stanley 140mm Surform Blade - Fine Cut
    £4.40 Inc VAT
  11. Stanley 18mm Snap Off Blade Knife
    £3.38 Inc VAT
  12. Stanley Aviation Snips - Straight Cut
    £8.92 Inc VAT
  13. Stanley Hooked Knife Blades Pack Of 5
    £2.77 Inc VAT
  14. Irwin Pro Touch 18mm Snap Off Knife
    £8.30 Inc VAT
  15. Stanley 99E Original Retractable Knife
    £8.80 Inc VAT
  16. Irwin 185mm Mini Dove Tail Pull Saw
    £16.87 Inc VAT
  17. Irwin 325mm Xpert Floorboard/Veneer Saw
    £12.20 Inc VAT
  18. Stanley Fatmax Jab Saw & Scabbard
    £15.60 Inc VAT
  19. Stanley 18mm Snap Off Blades Pack of 5
    £4.03 Inc VAT
  20. Irwin Folding Trapezoid Blade Knife
    £19.51 Inc VAT

44 Items Found Filter By

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