Stainless steel knives are essential tools in any kit. They are used to create precise cuts in many materials. Most utility knives have a screw fixture that allows the user to control the blade, making it safer to handle. We have a range of retractable and folding knives constructed from high-quality materials sourced from leading brands such as Irwin, Ox and Stanley. Find the Stanley Fatmax knife, ideal for heavy-duty use, here at Builder Depot today.

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  1. Stanley Quickslide Utility Pocket Knife
    £14.39 Inc VAT
  2. Stanley Fatmax Retractable Utility Knife
    £19.19 Inc VAT
  3. Stanley Fatmax Retractable Folding Knife
    £17.99 Inc VAT
  4. OX Pro Fixed Blade Folding Knife
    £12.29 Inc VAT
  5. Stanley 99E Original Retractable Knife
    £10.79 Inc VAT
  6. Stanley Trim Knife Grey 199E
    £7.55 Inc VAT
  7. Irwin Pro Touch 18mm Snap Off Knife
    £8.71 Inc VAT
  8. Stanley Throwaway Knives
    £3.95 Inc VAT
  9. Irwin Folding Trapezoid Blade Knife
    £20.46 Inc VAT

9 Items Found Filter By

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