Plumbing Accessories

Find all the plumbing accessories you need online such as washing machine accessories, cistern parts and washers. We stock reliable products from trusted brands, like the Monarch water softener, the Fernox Water Hawk jointing compound and the Ariston Andris electric water heater. Shop plumbing accessories at Builder Depot today for the best quality and savings.

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  1. Monarch Midi HE Water Softener
    £586.80 Inc VAT
  2. Lead Free Solder 0.5Kg Reel
    £20.39 Inc VAT
  3. Leaded Solder 0.5Kg Reel
    £10.14 Inc VAT
  4. Flux Brush
    £0.47 Inc VAT
  5. PTFE Tape Water 12mm x 12g Roll
    £0.23 Inc VAT
  6. Loctite 55 Threadseal 50m Roll
    £8.72 Inc VAT
  7. Skylo Universal Dual Flush Valve
    £14.34 Inc VAT
  8. Loctite 55 Threadseal 160m Roll
    £19.19 Inc VAT
  9. Laco Flux 475g Tub
    £14.64 Inc VAT
  10. Flux 125g Tub
    £7.14 Inc VAT
  11. Boss White 400g Tub
    £3.54 Inc VAT
  12. PTFE Tape Gas 12mm x 12g Roll
    £0.90 Inc VAT
  13. Plastic Float & Brass Insert 4½''
    £1.50 Inc VAT
  14. Cistern Flushpipe 18'' x 18'' x 1¼''
    £4.00 Inc VAT
  15. Fernox Hawk White 200g Tub
    £7.26 Inc VAT
  16. Fernox Water Hawk 400g Tub
    £9.32 Inc VAT
  17. Powerflow Flux 100g Tub
    £9.59 Inc VAT
  18. Everflux 250ml Tub
    £14.34 Inc VAT
  19. Powerflow Flux 350g Tub
    £16.79 Inc VAT

52 Items Found Filter By

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