Ventilation is necessary for the circulation of fresh air, preventing the risk of condensation and mould in buildings. Here at Builder Depot we offer a range of air vents, through-wall ventilation and other ventilation solutions from top trade brands. They are quick and easy to install and comply with Building Regulations. Adding one of these ventilations to buildings are essential in controlling air exchange and maintaining a healthy environment.

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  1. Telescopic Underfloor Vent
    £3.84 Inc VAT
  2. Ubbink Fascia Vent Strip DOS25 1.0m
    £1.42 Inc VAT
  3. Ubbink Fascia Vent Strip DOS10 1.0m
    £0.61 Inc VAT
  4. 9'' x 3'' Plastic Air Brick Terracotta
    £2.05 Inc VAT
  5. Soffit Strip Black 2400mm
    £6.60 Inc VAT
  6. Ubbink Eaves Guard 1500mm Black
    £2.00 Inc VAT
  7. Soffit Strip White 2400mm
    £5.40 Inc VAT
  8. Ubbink Hip Tray
    £2.44 Inc VAT
  9. Ubbink Adaptor 100 UB17
    £6.37 Inc VAT

48 Items Found Filter By

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