Hammers & Demolition

A hammer and demolition tool are must-haves for construction projects. We have an extensive range of hammers and demolition hand tools from top-leading brands such as Stanley, Draper and Ox to ensure each product has the best durability, strength, and performance for our customers. Choose from fibreglass hammers to club hammers, and cold chisels to brick bolsters, to suit the needs of any project you may work on.

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  1. Draper Long Handled Soft Grip Floor Scraper 88631
    Special Price £10.79 Inc VAT Regular Price £13.28 Inc VAT
  2. OX 57mm Brick Bolster With Guard
    £8.87 Inc VAT
  3. OX 57mm Brick Bolster
    £7.58 Inc VAT
  4. Ox Pro 680G Brick Hammer OX-P082424
    £25.31 Inc VAT
  5. Stanley 20oz Fibreglass Claw Hammer
    £10.00 Inc VAT
  6. Draper 4oz Cross Pein Pin Hammer 33888
    £12.64 Inc VAT
  7. OX 75mm Brick Bolster With Guard
    £11.17 Inc VAT
  8. OX Cold Chisel 20mm x 200mm
    £3.97 Inc VAT
  9. OX Cold Chisel 20mm x 300mm
    £4.55 Inc VAT
  10. Draper 14'' Utility Bar 44450
    £8.36 Inc VAT
  11. Draper 24'' Utility Bar 44451
    £15.55 Inc VAT
  12. Draper 36'' Utility Bar 44452
    £22.85 Inc VAT
  13. Stanley 340mm Wonder Bar
    £16.79 Inc VAT
  14. Stanley 530mm Wonder Bar
    £20.39 Inc VAT
  15. OX Pro 20oz Claw Hammer OX-P080120
    £22.79 Inc VAT

22 Items Found Filter By

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