Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is an essential part of health and safety in most workspaces. Here at Builder Depot, we stock a wide range of PPE available to ensure that you can protect yourself from any health and safety risks that may occur, including face masks, gloves, safety eyewear, hard hats, and knee pads. All of our PPE is from the best and most trusted brands and are suitable for the building, decorating, and roadwork industry.

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  1. Blackrock Cushioned Ear Defender
    £10.62 Inc VAT
  2. Wonder Grip Comfort Orange Size 9/L
    £3.59 Inc VAT
  3. Blackrock Filter Replacement for A1P2
    £30.59 Inc VAT
  4. Blackrock FFP3 Moulded Valved Dust Mask
    £7.58 Inc VAT
  5. Blackrock Safety Goggles Indirect Vent
    £2.52 Inc VAT
  6. Draper Expert Foam Knee Pads 43912
    £19.66 Inc VAT
  7. Blue Polythene Overshoes Pack of 100
    £4.74 Inc VAT
  8. Blackrock Wraparound Spectacles Clear
    £6.12 Inc VAT
  9. Blackrock Knee Pads
    £8.42 Inc VAT
  10. Blackrock Indirect Vent Goggles
    £5.38 Inc VAT
  11. Wonder Grip U Feel Size 9/L
    £5.51 Inc VAT
  12. Wonder Grip Comfort Size 9/L
    £5.51 Inc VAT
  13. Wonder Grip Aqua Size 9/L
    £5.99 Inc VAT
  14. Wonder Grip Thermo Plus Size 9/L
    £8.39 Inc VAT
  15. Wonder Grip Dual Size 9/L
    £5.99 Inc VAT
  16. Wonder Grip Duo Size 10/Xl
    £5.99 Inc VAT
  17. Wonder Grip Duo Size 9/L
    £5.99 Inc VAT
  18. Wonder Grip Dual Size 10/Xl
    £5.99 Inc VAT
  19. Wonder Grip Lite Cut Size 9/L
    £7.19 Inc VAT
  20. Wonder Grip Lite Cut Size 10/Xl
    £7.19 Inc VAT
  21. Blackrock FFP2 Moulded Valved Dust Mask
    £6.31 Inc VAT

34 Items Found Filter By

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