Levels & Measuring Tools

Using levels and measuring tools is

Using levels and measuring tools is important to determine precise object and surface dimensions. Therefore, an essential part of precise and high quality construction work, they are primarily used for setting up level points and checking elevations. We have an extensive range of different sizes levels and measuring tools from such brands as Stabila, Stanley and DeWalt.

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  1. Stabila 244cm 3 Vial Level 96-2-244
    £89.34 Inc VAT
  2. Stabila 400mm Level 70-2-40
    £12.98 Inc VAT
  3. Stabila 120cm Level 70-2-120
    £21.29 Inc VAT
  4. OX Pro Spirit Level 1200MM OX-P024412
    £44.92 Inc VAT
  5. OX Pro Spirit Level 1800MM OX-P024418
    £64.10 Inc VAT
  6. Stabila 600mm Level 70-2-60
    £16.79 Inc VAT
  7. Stanley Short Tape Bi-Material 8m 26ft
    £13.19 Inc VAT
  8. Stabila 1800mm 3 Vial Level 96-2-180
    £71.48 Inc VAT
  9. Stabila 600mm 3 Vial Level 96-2-60
    £33.95 Inc VAT
  10. OX Pro Spirit Level 600MM OX-P024406
    £33.22 Inc VAT
  11. OX Pro Spirit Level 900MM OX-P024409
    £48.22 Inc VAT
  12. Stabila 250mm Torpedo Level 70T
    £10.34 Inc VAT
  13. Stabila 1000mm Level 70-2-100
    £18.74 Inc VAT
  14. Stanley Fatmax Xtreme Tape Measure 5m 16ft
    £29.99 Inc VAT
  15. Stanley Open Frame Fibreglass Tape 30m
    £25.19 Inc VAT
  16. Stanley Fat Max 8m 26ft Tape
    £20.39 Inc VAT
  17. Stanley 300mm Die Cast Combination Square
    £29.99 Inc VAT
  18. Stabila 1800mm Level 70-2-180
    £39.70 Inc VAT
  19. Stanley 80mm Line Level
    £3.83 Inc VAT
  20. Stabila 800mm Level 70-2-80
    £15.86 Inc VAT
    Out of stock

30 Items Found Filter By

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