Flooring Adhesives

At Builder Depot, we sell all the strong flooring adhesives you could need to help you lay your new floor. Whether you’ve chosen classic solid wood, modern vinyl flooring or robust engineered flooring, our choice of flooring adhesive makes installation easy. Choose amongst a range of reliable brands like Lecol, Quick-Step, and Elka. If you require any advice about floor laying, please consult our flooring guide pages for the answers!

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  1. Osmo MS Trade Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive 15kg
    Special Price £74.34 Inc VAT Regular Price £94.14 Inc VAT
    £4.96 Per KG
  2. Lecol 5500 Wood Floor Adhesive 16kg
    £92.34 Inc VAT
    £5.77 Per KG
  3. Tover Tovcol MS Start Wood Floor Adhesive 15kg
    £71.94 Inc VAT
    £4.80 Per KG
  4. Lecol 5500 Wood Floor Adhesive 6kg
    £41.94 Inc VAT
    £7.00 Per KG
  5. Wakol MS260 Plus Engineered Wood Floor Adhesive 18kg
    £118.74 Inc VAT
    £6.60 Per KG
  6. Elka Grip 500ml Adhesive For Engineered Flooring
    £5.70 Inc VAT
    £11.40 Per L
  7. Mapei Ultrabond Eco Tack Solvent Free Carpet Tile Adhesive 5Kg
    £33.84 Inc VAT
    £6.77 Per KG
  8. Wakol MS 330 Silane Quick Drying Primer DPM 5KG
    £125.94 Inc VAT
    £25.19 Per KG
  9. Cellecta Pro Screedboard Adhesive 1L
    £21.54 Inc VAT
    £21.54 Per L
  10. Elka Bond 290ml Diy Flex Flooring Adhesive Cartridge
    £8.70 Inc VAT
    £30.00 Per L
  11. QA High Temperature LVT Flooring Adhesive 6kg
    £47.94 Inc VAT
    £7.99 Per KG
  12. 1L Cellecta Fon Adhesive
    £8.15 Inc VAT
    £8.15 Per L
  13. Mapei Ultrabond Eco VS90 Plus Vinyl & Rubber Adhesive 5kg
    £23.94 Inc VAT
    £4.79 Per KG
  14. Vitrex Heavy Duty Carpet Spray Adhesive 500ml
    £3.90 Inc VAT
    £7.80 Per L

18 Items Found Filter By

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