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Browse our excellent range of pipe tools and accessories at Builder Depot! Whether you are needing to guarantee a clean cut with our range of pipe cutters and cleaners from trusted brands like Draper and Rothenberger, or find effective and dependable pipe benders and wrenches to reduce undesirable pressure changes, you cannot go wrong with our selection of sets to successfully bend, clean and care for your piping! Get excellent competitive value here at Builder Depot today.

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  1. Rothenberger Pipeslice 22mm
    £15.40 Inc VAT
  2. Rothenberger Pipeslice 15mm
    £13.99 Inc VAT
  3. Rothenberger Multibender Guide 22mm
    £27.24 Inc VAT
    Out of stock
  4. Rothenberger Pipeslice 28mm
    £32.39 Inc VAT
  5. Rothenberger Multibender Guide 15mm
    £16.69 Inc VAT
    Out of stock
  6. Wire Wool 450g
    £3.12 Inc VAT
  7. Rothenberger Multibender 15-22mm
    £73.25 Inc VAT
  8. Irwin Water Pump Pliers 12''
    £15.42 Inc VAT
  9. Rothenberger Pipe Freezing Kit
    £32.51 Inc VAT
  10. Rothenberger Rogrip F Pliers 7''
    £31.66 Inc VAT

22 Items Found Filter By

per page