A crowbar is a building tool that is necessary for home repairs. Its breaker bar has a forked end that helps to remove nails and staples as it provides extra leverage. A crowbar's curved bar can be used during the demolition process to easily tear objects apart. Our range of crowbars have been selected from leading brands such as Draper and Stanley to ensure top quality. And with our quantity discount on selected items, you can save more when you need more.

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  1. Draper 14'' Utility Bar 44450
    £8.36 Inc VAT
  2. Draper 24'' Utility Bar 44451
    £15.55 Inc VAT
  3. Draper 36'' Utility Bar 44452
    £22.85 Inc VAT
  4. Stanley 340mm Wonder Bar
    £16.79 Inc VAT
  5. Stanley 530mm Wonder Bar
    £20.39 Inc VAT

7 Items Found Filter By

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