Holesaws & Arbors

A hole saw, also known as a hole cutter, is used in a drill to cut wide round holes with minimum effort. They are perfect for installing door hardware, light fittings, drainage pipes, or electrical wiring and cables. Hole saws are most commonly used on wood but can also cut plaster, glass and metal. We offer a wide range of bimetal and diamond hole saws and arbors from top industry brands like Bosch and Knightsbridge to ensure premium performance and durability. Shop our range today to find the right hole cutter for your project.

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  1. Bosch 102mm Progressor Holesaw
    £28.49 Inc VAT
  2. Bosch 114mm Progressor Holesaw
    £52.46 Inc VAT
  3. Bosch 54mm Progressor Holesaw
    £15.53 Inc VAT
  4. Bosch 60mm Progressor Holesaw
    £16.88 Inc VAT
  5. OX EPX Plus 15mm Diamond Holesaw
    £11.04 Inc VAT
  6. OX EPX Plus 35mm Diamond Holesaw
    £23.17 Inc VAT
  7. Rubi 35mm Carbide Tile Holesaw Drill Bit
    £13.19 Inc VAT
  8. Rubi 45mm Carbide Tile Holesaw Drill Bit
    £14.39 Inc VAT
  9. OX EPX Plus 25mm Diamond Holesaw
    £17.40 Inc VAT
  10. CK ProCobalt Holesaw
    £6.72 - £21.28 Inc VAT
    15 Variations Available
  11. CK ProCobalt Holesaw 60mm 424019
    £13.92 Inc VAT

17 Items Found Filter By

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