Rockwool Ablative Coating 5L

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ROCKWOOL ablative Coating is used to further improve the fire resistant properties of ROCKWOOL stone wool slabs. The ablative nature of the coating resists flame spread and forms an insulated char which protects the stone wool slab.

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Product Information

The ablative coating applied to Rockwool Ablative Coated Batt is also available in liquid form. Ablative Liquid should be used to over-paint joints and gaps in an Ablative Coated Batt where it has been cut and fitted into an aperture. The ROCKWOOL ablative Coating is water based, ready to use viscous paste which may be brush or spray applied to stone wool slabs. The coating is available in white and in other colours subject to minimum order quantities. The coating may be over painted if desired* ROCKWOOL Ablative is supplied in 5L tubs.


  • Suitable for spray or brush application
  • Dries to give a sound, flexible white surface finish
  • Provides a stable surface for adhesive and fixing sealants

The ablative Coating is available separately to enable site repairs to Ablative Coated Batts, that may have been damaged during installation. ROCKWOOL Ablative Coated Batt is intended to act as an air seal barrier to reinstate the fire resistance and acoustic performances of concrete floors, masonry walls and dry wall systems when voids have been created for the passage of services. This includes pipes made of plain or stainless steel, cast iron, copper, polypropylene (PP), high density polythene (HDPE ), PVC and ABS along with all sheathed cables up to 80mm and supported cable bundles up to 100mm.

Product Specifications

Technical Specification
Brand: Rockwool
MPN: 128085
Pack Size: 1
Size: 5L

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