K Rend Silicone FT Textured Arran Render Coat 25Kg Pallet of 40

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K Rend Silicone Arran Render is a cement based, water repellent polymer specially designed and manufactured to prevent water penetration, algae build-up and general dirt, whilst sustaining a fresh clean texturized finish.

Product Information

Pallet Of 40

K Rend silicone arran render is a cement based water repellent and polymer modified self-coloured render. K Rend silicone render is manufactured specifically with a water repellent agent that prevents water penetration, algae growth, lime-bloom, dirt and at the same time maintains attractive and low maintenance textured finish.

Key features

  • Arran finish
  • Water repellent render
  • Low maintenance

K Rend silicone render can be used over K Rend base coat as part of a two layer system or it be one coat finish over block work possibly in two passes.

Machine applied requires 32-36Kg per m2 for nominal thickness of 16-18mm. Hand applied one coat coverage requires, 20-24Kg per m2 for nominal thickness 10-12mm thickness

Product Specifications

Technical Specification
Brand: K Rend
MPN: 55010A
Pack Size: 40
Size: 25Kg

  • The product line item is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances however we are trying our best to make it available again in the near future. This is most often due to issues that are completely out of our control and hence why we cannot provide one with an expected availability date.