Bostik Cementone Mortar Plasticiser 25L


Bostik Cementone Mortar Plasticiser 25L

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Cementone Mortar Plasticiser is a high strength formula designed to improve plasticity. It offers improved workability and adhesion, minimises cracking, reduces waster content of mortar and is easy to apply.

Product Information

Bostik Cementone Mortar Plasticiser 25L is highly concentrated, based upon natural vinsol resin and free from chlorides. It is designed to improve plasticity and to provide some frost resistance in the set mortar. Cementone Mortar Plasticiser improves the workability of mortar without the addition of lime. It helps remove grittiness to provide a smooth easy to work mortar with improved adhesion. It also reduces the water content of the mortar.

Key features

  • Improves workability and adhesion without the addition of lime
  • Minimises cracking and crazing
  • Improves frost resistance during and after set
  • Reduces water content of mortar
  • Complies with EN 934-3

Ensure that all components of the mix are above +5 degrees. Sands and aggregate should be dry for best results. Shake the container before use and remove the lid on the cup on top of the bottle.

Squeeze the bottle until the liquid in the cup rises to the correct level. 8-12ml is sufficient for 25Kg of cement. The contents of the cup can then be added directly to the mix. Alternatively Cementone Mortar Plasticiser can be added to the water at the rate of 8-12ml in 5-10 litres of cool, clean water. Do not overdose, when using Cementone Mortar Plasticiser less water is usually required. Replace lid cup when finished.

Product Specifications

Technical Specification
Brand: Cementone
MPN: 30812465
Volume: 25L