If you're looking for large and flexible buckets, you've come to the right place! From big yellow Gorilla tubs to compact mixing baths, we have an impressive range of mixing buckets for a variety of applications. Whether you're an electrician, bricklayer, plasterer, plumber or DIY enthusiast, you'll find a bucket for the job. Available in varying sizes and materials, including galvanised steel and heavy-duty polyethylene.

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  1. Gorilla Tub Large 38L
    £7.19 Inc VAT
  2. Large 3 Gallon Black Plastic Bucket
    £3.22 Inc VAT
  3. Gorilla Tub Medium 26L
    £7.28 Inc VAT
  4. Plasterers Mixing Bucket 30L
    £12.79 Inc VAT
  5. Gorilla Tub Extra Large 75L
    £20.72 Inc VAT
  6. Gorilla Yellow 22L Tuff Bucket
    £11.56 Inc VAT
  7. Gorilla Yellow Tub 5L
    £4.88 Inc VAT
  8. Heavy Duty Bucket 3 Gallon
    £5.88 Inc VAT
  9. Mixing Tray Black 900mm
    £19.43 Inc VAT
  10. Galvanised Plain Bucket
    £7.94 Inc VAT

11 Items Found Filter By

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