Breedon is a well-established manufacturer of construction materials like aggregates, cement and ready-mixed concrete. Across the UK and Ireland, they have cultivated many happy customers through their high quality and climate-conscious construction solutions. You can find an array of Breedon aggregates, cement and sand at Builder Depot, including kiln dried sand, post-mix and hydrated lime.

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  1. Breedon Professional Grade Cement 25Kg
    £8.16 Inc VAT
  2. Breedon C40 High Strength Concrete 20Kg
    £8.70 Inc VAT
  3. Breedon Rapid Set Post Fix 20Kg
    £7.14 Inc VAT
  4. Breedon Sulfate Resisting Cement 25Kg
    £11.10 Inc VAT
  5. Breedon Hydrated Lime 25Kg
    £15.54 Inc VAT
  6. 6mm Limestone 25Kg
    £6.96 Inc VAT
  7. Breedon Fast Set Cement 25Kg
    £16.98 Inc VAT
  8. Breedon Kiln Dried Sand 20Kg
    £6.24 Inc VAT
  9. Breedon White Portland Cement 25Kg
    £15.30 Inc VAT

11 Items Found Filter By

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