Bosch Plungecut Saw Blade For Wood AIZ32EC

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Bosch AIZ32EC HCS plungecut saw blade offers a high strength design specially manufactured to use with mutli-tools. It offers high performance cutting of softwood, can be used to cut recesses in furniture and flush cutting.

Product Information

The Bosch AIZ32EC HCS Plungecut Saw Blade is manufactured from high carbon steel. It features finely spaced teeth ideal for cutting softwood, cutting a recess in furniture components or flush cutting.

Key Features

  • HCS plunge-cutting saw blade for wood
  • High strength and durability
  • Freestanding teeth
  • Suitable for various commercially available multi-tool cutters (When used with universal adapter)

Material: HCS
Width: 32mm
Length: 40mm

Additional information
Appropriate for Bosch GOP10.8V-Li, GOP 250CE, GOP 300 SCE Professional, PMF 10.8Li, PMF 180E, PMF 190E, PMF 250CES, Fein Multimaster, Makita Multi-tool and Skil Multi-tasker

Product Specifications

Technical Specification
Brand: Bosch
MPN: 2608661637
Cutting Type: Wood

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