21mm x 145mm Hardwood Balau Grooved Decking Board 3.962m


21mm x 145mm Hardwood Balau Grooved Decking Board 3.962m

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Balau decking is the most widely used hardwood decking boards. It is made from tropical hardwood from Asia making it resistant to weathering. comes in two different profiles (grooved or reeded) allowing you to have the finish of your choice.

Product Information

Balau decking is the most common and widely used hardwood decking board. It is made from tropical hardwood from Asia making it resistant to weathering, fungal and insect attacks. Hardwood decking gives luxurious look to your outdoor space with a knot free finish at the same time providing great durability to the structure. Hardwood decking comes in two different profiles, grooved or reeded, allowing you to have the finish of your choice. All the necessary accessories are also available to complete the whole decking system.

Key Features:

  • Solid hardwood
  • Durable
  • Weather repellent
  • Adds sophistication to any outdoor space
  • Knot free
  • Available in reeded or grooved profile

Decking is laid on to a timber frame, which needs be firstly constructed in reference to the architectural design. Traditionally decking boards are simply screwed through the board and in to the frame. Employ a minimum 6mm gap between each board end to end and side to side. This allows for drainage and air flow around the deck. Decking can be cut by hand or electric saw and mitre joints can be achieved using a mitre saw. Fix screws approximately 25% in from the end of each board. Where fixing at the very end of deck boards pre-drill. Keep all deck posts above ground level (if you use deck posts it is best practice to use deck piers or similar). Maximum joist centres of 400mm when deck boards are perpendicular to joists. Apply an end coat preservative to any cuts or notches you make to the deck boards. This helps maintain the integrity of the preservative treatment.

Care & Maintenance
Decking can lose its looks if maintenance is not carried out. Just by following a few simple steps you can help to improve the look of the decking and add extra life span to it. Decking over period of time accumulates dirt and organic matter. It is recommended you sweep and pressure wash your deck twice a year. This will reduce the risk of fungal infection on the decking and also reduce the risk of the surface becoming slippery. Anti-slip agent and water repellent agents should be applied with brush or roller. Over time, exposure to sunlight can lead to discoloration, turning decking slightly greyish, in order to avoid this there are a wide range of stains available. However if you would like to maintain the decking original colour you can simply apply decking oil.

Product Specifications

Technical Specification
Brand: Builder Depot
MPN: Build103
Pack Size: 1
Size: W: 145mm L: 3962mm T: 21mm
Finish: Natural
Material: Balau

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