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K Rend Algae Clean 5LTR - Kill and Remove Algae Growth

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SKU : H002842
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Quick Overview

K Rend Algae Clean is a high quality chemical based cleaner for removing algae. It kills and minimizes algae growth, remove fungus, mildew, lichen stains and can be used on various surfaces such as concrete, tiles, brick, pebble-dash and tarmac.

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K Rend Algae Clean 5LTR - Kill and Remove Algae Growth
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K Rend Algae Clean is a chemical based solution that is used in removal of algae growth. It is used on external surfaces such as concrete, paving, tiles, brick, pebble-dash and tarmac where there is a growth of algae making the surface unattractive and causing surface damage. K Rend Algae Clean will help to kill the algae and will also reduce regrowth. K Rend not only removes algae but also helps to remove fungus, mildew and lichen stains.

Key features
  • Cures in 3 days
  • No scrubbing required
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Yearly treatment
  • Eliminates regrowth

Before using the K Rend Algae Clean it is important to follow the Health & Safety instruction on the packaging. K Rend Algae Clean is a solution with anti-bacterial fungicidal wash that will not require any scrubbing. K Rend should Algae Clean should be poured on the surface where the growth algae is present. Once the area is covered, do not wash the surface allow for the treatment to work for 3 days. The residual ingredient will weather off over that period leaving a clean surface. K Rend Algae Clean does not harm grass, and will provide prevention of immediate re-infection and should be applied every 6-12 months.
Size 5L
Weight 5kg
Brand K Rend

Product Attachments

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Product Reviews

Number of reviews : 27
Average rating : 4.7 /5
M. Harry
  the 23/05/2019
4/ 5
Good results
M. Robert
  the 26/01/2019
3/ 5
Used to the instructions on the pack on black algae created by sea gull fouling. The algae appears to have been killed off but to remove it from the building it will need to be pressure washed whereas the product guidance indicated that the algae would disappear after three days. Hoping that the algae has been killed off and does not reappear.
N. Duncan
  the 10/01/2019
4/ 5
Done what it said
C. John
  the 09/10/2018
5/ 5
Have used Algae Clean on my K Rendered property and am pleased with the result. The property had a lot of red stains on it but Algae Clean as removed them. It does not appear to work on black stains?
D. Janet
  the 29/06/2018
5/ 5
Sprayed on, still waiting to see how effective it is
W. David
  the 08/06/2018
4/ 5
Does remove the algae still waiting for the red to disappear.
V. Mike
  the 12/05/2018
5/ 5
excellent product at a good price
A. Della
  the 26/03/2018
5/ 5
S. Nick
  the 26/03/2018
4/ 5
The jury is out. I have yet to see improvement in the algae growth I have treated.
R. Ian
  the 08/01/2018
5/ 5
Seems to work, removed the green algae overnight, will see what the result looks like in 3 days
M. Ian
  the 20/11/2017
3/ 5
Not used the product yet but i am sure it will work fine
M. Stuart
  the 11/11/2017
5/ 5
We use this every year on our k rend and it works very well.
J. Mark Linley
  the 03/10/2017
4/ 5
Easy to apply but I'll have to wait to see how effective it is.
W. Caroline
  the 01/10/2017
5/ 5
Very good, does exactly what is says on the jar!
G. Bernard
  the 04/09/2017
5/ 5
Does what it says will do.Was despairing with wall and now beginning to see a difference
W. M
  the 15/08/2017
4/ 5
Quick acting. Works well on stone too
B. Paul
  the 19/05/2017
4/ 5
Really effective
F. Ian
  the 15/05/2017
4/ 5
Expensive but you don't have a lot of choice for K-rend and it seems to do the job
H. Carol
  the 03/04/2017
5/ 5
C. Andrew
  the 01/04/2017
4/ 5
Appears to be doing what it is meant to, but more time needed to see if it keeps the algae at bay
S. Robert
  the 11/03/2017
5/ 5
Very effective at removing unsightly algae growth on cream coloured masonry. No regrowth within year of last use. Bought again to redo entire house
W. Roger
  the 21/02/2017
5/ 5
very good product, it kills algae quickly with no mess.
A. Jeremy
  the 12/02/2017
3/ 5
Some improvement but doesn't remove all marks
W. Robert
  the 29/01/2017
5/ 5
Good for getting rid of algae
D. Susan
  the 15/01/2017
4/ 5
T. Matthew
  the 23/12/2016
5/ 5
Excellent product! Our house is rendered all round, but the front of house does not get as much direct sun as other aspects. As a result we started to get a green algae appear over autumn. This has gotten rid of it all, I am going to recommend to others on our development as the effects are striking. Be patient if treating first time, it took a few days, but did clear the whole area. My house is white again!!
B. Kim
  the 26/09/2016
4/ 5
A little tricky to put on, but once on did the job well
O. Peter
  the 19/09/2016
5/ 5
used it before with very good results. Lets hope it is still the same.
W. Paul
  the 03/09/2016
5/ 5
Does what it says
D. Steven
  the 03/09/2016
3/ 5
I have not used it yet because of weather so i gave 3 stars for now
C. Graham
  the 18/06/2016
3/ 5
Have applied it but still waiting to see effect.There was no instructions about precautions when using this chemical.
  the 06/06/2016
5/ 5
Does what it says on the container!
M. Steve
  the 16/04/2016
3/ 5
Expensive but does the job if mixed slightly stronger than .instructions recommend
O. Peter
  the 08/04/2016
4/ 5
Only four at the moment as I have not used it yet
R. Charles
  the 04/04/2016
4/ 5
very good
G. John
  the 23/03/2016
5/ 5
P. Gerald
  the 21/03/2016
5/ 5
First class. Does what it says on the tin
T. Neil
  the 15/03/2016
5/ 5
Not much yo say about the product as it is a good algae cleaner that removes the red and brown algae from the render without any hassle. Great product and excellent service.
B. Anna
  the 15/03/2016
5/ 5
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Great product and gentle on render as opposed to blasting it with a jet washer.
P. Michael
  the 07/03/2016
5/ 5
Easy to apply (mixed it 1:1 with water and used a weed sprayer) and it started working with noticeable results within days
B. Andrew
  the 23/02/2016
5/ 5
Prompt delivery and good price.
S. Glen
  the 19/02/2016
4/ 5
Product is under test so I cannot give any details needs three days to work, easy to use and clear instructions on carton, plus good safety information
M. Joanne
  the 19/02/2016
5/ 5
J. Kenneth M
  the 16/02/2016
4/ 5
Not used as yet
W. Roger
  the 15/02/2016
5/ 5
This is good stuff and does the job excellently. I have used it before and although it has a sell by date it does work even if you go over. Certainly recommend the product, as well as K Rend itself.
H. Charmaigne
  the 06/02/2016
5/ 5
I bought this from Builder Depot 2 years ago. I didn't think it would work but thought it worth a try rather than get in a professional company to remove the green from my house walls. It was amazing and did everything it says. I didn't believe the algae would just weather off and not need washing down but it did just as it states. I didn't need to use it last year but have to treat again this spring which is better than expected as it states it will last for one year. If we hadn't had such wet weather I think it could have lasted even longer without further treatment. Highly recommend.
J. Meirion
  the 06/02/2016
5/ 5
Does what it said on the tin
W. Robert
  the 29/01/2016
4/ 5
Good product.Need to use yearly
  the 23/01/2016
5/ 5
Works within 3 days and very good, removed it all
C. Simon
  the 17/01/2016
5/ 5

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