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Evo-Stik Building Silicone Sealant Low Mod 310ml Brown

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SKU : L021202
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Quick Overview

This one-part, low modulus, neutral-cure sealant works to cure moisture reaction to give a permanently elastic, durable waterproof sealant. It will adhere to most common building substrates without the need for priming.

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360 Evo-Stik Building Silicone Sealant Low Mod 310ml Brown
Evo-Stik Trade Building Silicone is a one part, low modulus, neutral-cure sealant which cures by moisture reaction to give a permanently elastic, highly durable water proof sealant. The cured sealant has excellent resistance to natural weathering and UV light. Evo-Stik Building Silicone has excellent adhesion to most common building substrates, including porous surfaces, without the need for priming.

Key Features
  • High Movement
  • Highly Waterproof
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Bonds to most building materials
  • Lasts For Up To 25 Years

Joint surfaces must be clean, dry, sound and free from dust and other contaminants that may impair adhesion. If desired place masking tape along the joint edges before application. This can make it easier to make a neat, tooled finish. Use a spatula with a round end to tool the sealant and check that this tool just fits into the gap between the masking tape so that it catches the excess sealant.

Unscrew the nozzle, and using a sharp knife, cut off the dome of the cartridge, taking care not to damage the thread. Screw the nozzle on to the cartridge. Cut off the tapered end of the nozzle at a 45° angle, to a width matching the gap to be sealed. Fit the cartridge into the cartridge gun by pressing the release plate and pulling out the plunger. Insert cartridge and repeatedly squeeze the trigger until the sealant appears. Place the nozzle at the start of the gap, and gently squeeze the trigger. Push forward slowly, ensuring that contact is made by the sealant with both sides of the gap. At the end of the run, release the trigger and press the plunger release plate of the gun. Sealant must be gunned firmly into the joints to ensure good adhesion to the joint surfaces. Smooth the sealant with a wet, round ended tool (do not use a wetted finger), remove any excess with a cloth moistened with white spirit and then remove the masking tape from either side of the bead. Channel or rectangular joints should have a depth of no more than the width and no less than half the width of the joint. Joints deeper than this should be backed with a foam strip, it is important that the sealant does not bond to this backing strip. When used for fillet pointing, face width should be a minimum 10mm with a minimum depth of 6mm. The sealant skins over rapidly (approx 10-20 minutes) and is fully cured in approximately 24 hours depending on bead width, temperature and humidity.

Specific Data
Colour : Brown
Form : Soft Paste
Specific Gravity : 1.01 at 23°C and 50% RH
Service Temperature : -60°C to +180°C
Application Temperature : +5°C to +40°C
Colour Brown
Size 310ml
Unit Of Sale Each
Weight 0.33kg
Brand Evo-Stik
Barcode 5010591999787
EDP code 483217

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